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Wanderer Eyes •  Limited  Edition on Canvas • 

This image was started on New Years Eve, December 31st of 2008 and completed at dawn on January 1 2009. 

I was barefoot on the beach of Bahia Brazil at the Universo Parallelo Festival. It was a beautiful night and I could hear the crashing waves of the ocean and a steady trance bass beat in the distance. I began with a dark blue canvas and really just let the pixels tell me how they wanted to take form that night. I then began painting the eyes and as i did it felt as though my subconscious was staring back at me from the abyss. The hummingbird and the eagle were both spirits that I had become introduced to and aligned with during my ceremonial Ayahuasca experiences that I had in 2008. This was the kind of image that wanted to come through me and almost felt like it painted itself as I worked on it all through the night until sunrise. And then the Sun finally rose over the horizon and I incorporated it into the image.  This image has attracted allot of attention over the years. I have received multiple accounts of people encountering this figure in their dreamscapes. Multiple people felt such a connection to it they believed I had painted their higher selves. 

I can say with confidence that this is an image that came through me and not from me, and I am extremely excited to create the possibility of this new edition coming into your life.

Canvas Limited Editions

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Paper Limited Editions

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