Samskara Augmented Reality Print Pack

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The 5 prints in the Samskara AR print pack, were printed in conjunction with the our augmented reality app developed by the team at full.domepro! That means, if you download the Samskara AR app (it's free), you can make these special images come alive. We think it's pretty cool. Please note, right now the app only works for Iphone but the prints are awesome with or with out the app. Printed on high quality card stock paper.  

Download the app here:

The following 5 images are included in the print pack. Size varies per image: 

  • I Robot: 13"x19" 
  • Dharma Dragon: 13"x19" 
  • Galactavangel: 13"x19" 
  • Quetzalcoatl: 12"x12" 
  • Chrysalis Part 1: 10.4"x19"