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I-Believe: Limited Edition Print on Canvas 

We are keeping a low print run of this image

  • 40" x 108" Alpha Edition of 10
  • 34" x 91" Omega Edition of 20 
  • 20" x 54" - Beta Edition of 100

2" Gallery-Wrap Borders included on all image sizes

Each print's signed, numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity

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Can this work of Art help find your True Love?

That was the challenge that was presented to me 8 months ago,
A man named Hitch McDermid approached me with an unusual request , he told me a story, in this story Hitch has been searching for his soul mate, during his meditations he was instructed by his spirit guides to create an image of him and his soulmate.

The problem was that he had never met her in person, and only encountered her in his dreams every night and in his ceremonial visions.
Hitch was very adamant that the "Blue Mayan" entities he was in contact with were very specific and instructed that he must contact Android Jones for this quest. 

Who am I to refuse the requests of inter dimensional blue Mayan spirit guides .  

Over the next 8 months Hitch would send me elaborate descriptions of his dreams and he traveled different parts of the world searching for her, and consulting different spiritual experts to interpret his visions, 
after countless variations we have finally arrived at a final image,

Our hope is that you will feel inspired to share this image , be believes that when his spirit partner sees this artwork she will recognize Hitch from their shared vision. 

If you believe in the irrational and mysterious nature of Love, please share this image and help Hitch and the Blue Mayans fulfill their destiny.
this is Hitch's petition to find her  
Please help me call in my Spirit Partner
She is my love, my soulmate, my twin flame
I have known her only in my meditations, visions and dreams
My guides now show me that she is here in human form
She will come to me when I romance her through this art
Help me spread this painting far and wide across the planet
So she will see it and we will be together in love
I am deeply grateful for your help
I Believe
To help me find her, post and share this painting wherever you feel called.  
To follow my progress, listen to my “I Believe” TEDx talk, read my blog and/or to offer direct help please visit: