Blood Moon Faux Fur Cloak

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This unique cloak is the result of an Android Jones and Mind Cradle collaboration and is made in the USA by Mind Cradle. It is a weighty (6 LBS) garment that is super warm and versatile. We can't express just how warm and comfortable it is to wear this cloak, it's like a wearable safety blanket. The inside is lined with a sustainably produced faux-fur and the clasps are anchored using an artificial leather. Perfect for staying warm on a cold night at a festival or even being used as a blanket for a backyard hang. This cloak is quick to take on or off, the clasp at the neck is a simple hook and loop. Wash cold and air/hang dry. One size fits all. The cloak will reach the floor for any wearer under 4'10" and will rest comfortably about the knees for those around 6'3"

Imaging: We use high-end sublimation dyes to permanently place the graphics onto the fabric. This process involves bonding individual dye molecules to the fiber molecules. This provides an incredibly high-detail, vibrant image.This fleece take on the dye with exuberant detail and vibrancy.

Construction: This cloak is sewn with a high-end extruded polyester thread that is soft to the touch. The stitching is done with delicate care. All seams are top stitched down for a clean finished look. There are twin stash pockets in the seam perfectly hidden from view and quick to access.

Size: One size fits all.