Recent Projects:

SAMSKARA : 3D immersive dome experience

MicrodoseVR : new virtual reality application

SuperRare: online platform for trading rare, digital, crypto art.




Recent Press:

Who is Android Jones. By Graham Berry for SuperRare. October 16, 2020.

20 Mind Melding Artworks By Visionary Arts Pioneer Android Jones.  By Graham Berry and  Titas Burinskas at Bored Panda. December 19, 2019.

Wisdome’s Immersive Art in Los Angeles May Be Just What You’re Looking For. Forbes. 05.24.19

Rooster Magazine: April 2019.

Android Jones x Life is Festival Podcast: 02.20.19

-Android/HP/Microdose VR 

No Spectators. The Boulder Weekly. 05.25.2018

Interview with Westword. 4.26.18

Creating Art in Virtual Reality-And Then Entering It. Wired. 4.23.18

-Interview with Architect Magazine. 03.30.18

New York Times article on the Smithsonian NoSpectators Exhibit. 03.23.18

-Interview with Paperblanks, 11.08.17

-Podcast with Aubrey Marcus on “The Art of Creation“, 8.09.17

-Interview on MICRODOSE VR via Embodied Reality, 7.06.17

LA Times article on MICRODOSE VR at Coachella, 4.17.17

– Interview with, 12.14.16

Voices of VR Podcast#474: Android Jones on Using VR for Spiritual Transformation & Unlocking Creative Flow, 11.14.16



Android Bio Photo

Photo by Steve Stanton Photography.