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Now Accepting Bitcoins • Free Bitcoin Badge Art

Today I am introducing two new additions to the androidjones universe,

Bitcoins and Gift cards.

Thanks to an Art collector of mine named Jonas I accepted my first bitcoin payment last week in exchange for artwork . Exchanging digital art for digital currency felt like a great fit. Lets face it Fiat currency is historically unsustainable , However more importantly than an electric investment I see using bitcoins as a political statement that takes power away from our dependency on the Federal Reserve.

I have also introduced Gift cards, they can be purchased in multiple denominations and do not expire,

combining Bit coins and androidjones gift cards represents an action towards experimental currency. I began a small Printing business because it was an amazing way to translate my love of making art into a physical product that has immediate value, Electricity,Technology, ink and canvas are almost magically transformed into an object with the potential to inspire and bring joy to another human being.

The artwork I create is a type of currency, and its value is backed by the energy and effort i put into my art every day. Making money is easy, creating Value takes work. I do my best to keep the quality high and print runs low. I am so grateful today for the trust and support you have extended to me. And I look forward to making your investment as valuable as I possibly can.

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If you want to know more about incorporating bitcoins read this,_for_small_businesses

This is the site i used to set up my bit coin wallet .
I created these Original BitCoin Badges, if anyone wants to use these on thier site to start using bitcoins they are free and clear to adopt them (save as) and find them good homes, free and clear;)

If people like this I will make more, enjoy


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