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Great shot of the climax of the closing scene. Thank you to the amazing team of digital wizards at Obscura Digital, to the heroic efforts of the Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) for evoking the higher calling of our creative skills to make this dream a reality, and to the United Nations for graciously providing the canvas for this performance.
As an artist, it is a very rare opportunity to work with a team of people this talented for a cause that is so meaningful. In reality, change happens one person at a time on an individual basis. Art has the power to inspire change by making the invisible visible. We understand it takes more than a light show to change the world, but I believe we each have the power to change the version of ourselves and how we choose to interact with the world. Art can illuminate and reflect the truth of our actions. Working on this project has altered the way I see the world and the impact art and artists can have when we unite together. Thank you.

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